Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Introducing Clunkers for Candles!!!

We're excited to announce this new program here at Bearhug Creations! Bring in your candles from any other candle company that you deem as a clunker! Candles that are sooting, no hot throw, wicks won't burn correctly, etc. In return we'll give you 25% off your entire candle purchase from Bearhug Creations!

Rules to play ~ Clunker candles must have at least half of the candle remaining. You can take advantage of this program when purchasing in store or online. Online customers will be responsible for shipping clunker candles to Bearhug Creations. If ordering online, please mention Clunker for Candles in the message section at check out. We will adjust your total after receiving your clunker candle.

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