Thursday, October 8, 2009

Aroma Melts will be back! No worries!

I just wanted to drop a quick note to let every one know that the Aroma Melts WILL be back on the website soon! We have changed from the fluted shaped single Aroma Melts to a 6 pack break away packaging. This new packaging is MUCH easier to open than the single Aroma Melts PLUS now you can let your creativity fly and blend your own fragrances! Watch for them to be added soon plus we might even throw a sale on for them!

We will be adding MANY new fragrances to the line of Aroma Melts soon as well so please stay tuned for that. We want to hear from you all as well! Please drop us an email at with your suggestions on what fragrances you'd like to see in them!

We're also always listening to our customers! Do you have a fragrance you'd like to see added to our fragrance list? Please let us know! Since soy in candles is very picky, we are very selective on which fragrances we carry. We know our customers have become accustomed to our strongly fragranced candles so please be patient when requesting a new fragrance. If it's a fragrance we think will sell well and it throws strong in our Soy, we will do our best to get it added!

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